Friday, December 20, 2013

Flying Mango - Chicken Creole

First time at Flying Mango. It's a very small, neighborhood restaurant in Beaverdale.

I had never had creole from a restaurant so I went with the Chicken Creole ($16?). I also was intrigued by their sides (which the creole does not include one) and went with the "Sweet Potato Pancake, with Mango sour cream ($5)." How can you pass on that?

The pancake in the back,spicy party in the front.

The pancake was intriguing...imagine a pancake made of sweet potato...very soft and sweet. It was good.

The creole was pretty spicy. Still an OK sized meal but not a ton considering how much it costs. The spice was pretty hot and very good. I've never had Caribbean food before and so I think by default, most things are spicy. I didn't see a warning about the spiciness but it was probably assumed. I love spicy so this was good with me. The entree came out pretty quick...even on a really busy night.

If you like spicy food and don't mind a pricier meal, this place is great. I thought the food was slightly overpriced but it was well done. The restaurant is pretty small and very busy at times. Fortunately, I made reservation. Any recommendations here?