Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Blue Door - Breakfast Blucy

In my search to find the best Juicy Lucy (cheese stuffed burger,  native to the MN area), I journeyed to The Blue Door in St. Paul, MN. The Blue Door has only been around a couple years but has become pretty popular within the area (especially amongst the hipsters) and has been on multiple food shows.The Blue Door calls their Juicies, "Blucy's". 

I ordered the Breakfast Blucy, egg, cheese and really awesome bacon on top while it was stuffed with cheddar? cheese. It was a great burger,. I wouldn't say it was a better Juicy Lucy than The Nook's but it is probably the 2nd best Juicy I've had (better than Matt's Bar in MN and all the places I've tried in DSM).

Probably not the best pic ever but it's dark in there and the burger is huge.

The differences between this Juicy to The Nook's are the Blue Door: used a bigger bun, had a bigger burger and less cheese oozing out. They do have some nice options that The Nook doesn't have: add an egg on top, they have a unique burger combos that Nook doesn't have and their most famous burger is a regular burger with Peanut Butter on it (Jiffy Burger) which is pretty good.

The verdict: The Blue Door has amazing burgers and apparently cheap beer ($2 Draws at Saturday at 4pm). They are in an incredibly small location so plan to wait but if you are in the area, you should check them out if you like burgers and America (OK that's redundant). I still think the best Juicy lies at The Nook (see previous blog posts) but this is closest next best thing. I definitely want to go back to try some of their unique combos.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Mad Meatball

I saw a Groupon for a new restaurant in the neighborhood, Mad Meatball. I like trying new restaurants downtown and good deals with them so I scooped it up. They don't have a website so this link isn't that useful:

Mad Meatball is located next to Capital Pub and Hot Dog and I believe is under the same management/ownership. Basically, it is a dive bar that serves bar food. Meatballs apparently are their specialty but I ordered one of their pizzas that had a lot of toppings (don't remember which one but the only one with banana peppers on it). The menu isn't very big but contains a couple different pizza combinations and a few different types of traditional bar sandwiches.

Pretty much a bar pizza
The pizza wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't anything amazing. Anything that combines meat, cheese and banana peppers will be good in my book. Two people can polish off their large pizza since it is pretty thin. I believe the Groupon was $10 for $20 so a pizza and a beer pretty much covers that.

Not much really to say other than I wouldn't go out of my way to go here and I definitely wouldn't go here without a Groupon (I believe they've already offered it a 2nd time and they haven't been open more than 2 or 3 months?). The food seems more like,"hey I'm 5 beers deep and kind of hungry now, oh here's a food menu" type of food.  Check it out and let me know if you found something worth going for.