Sunday, December 16, 2012

Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

The last recipe of Lasagna week is the one you've never had...Buffalo Chicken Lasagna.

If you are considering making this recipe, you are probably a daring eater/cook...and I respect that. This recipe combines two things you would never consider eating in the same day...let alone on the same plate. It has the consistency of Lasagna with a taste of Buffalo Chicken...and Lasagna...I was skeptical at first but it really is good.

I replaced the Ricotta with 1% Cottage Cheese, didn't do the bell peppers and forgot the water.

I will see you in 4 hours...

 Below is my recipe's Calories/Protein Count:

After 4 hours of cooking...
So yeah, pretty high calorie even with the substitution of Cottage cheese. You could try skipping the cheese because you don't taste it as much with all the other flavors. You could reduce the cottage cheese as well.

I believe you can feed between 4-6 with this recipe. Since it is higher calorie, you might want to pair a little bit of this with a healthy/lighter side.

Overall, I love this recipe for the that I counted up the calories I think some more substitutions need to be made though. It has great texture (if you are ok with warm cottage cheese), good taste and a nice spice.

Are you bold enough to try it?