Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Breakfast burrito

When I have friends stay with me, I turn my house into a B & B. The experience may not be as cozy as Schrute Farms but I do what I can. My favorite breakfast to make would be the breakfast burrito. It makes a ton of food for a lot of people, or some weekend leftovers for a small crew. It is also a balanced breakfast with good sources of protein to offset the carbs. Be careful, it isn't difficult to make this a high calorie breakfast so watch your portions or plan on being active after you get done.
I generally never do the same recipe twice....mainly because I forget what I did before and this instance is no different. This time I used breakfast turkey sausage instead of pork sausage which saved quite a few calories. I also used chipotle seasoning (sold at Hyvee).
Ingredients: Chopped Red Bell Pepper, Chipotle Seasoning, Jalapeno seasoning, eggs, Hash Browns & Turkey Sausage
Instructions (I don't do exact measurements very well so adjust to your preference):
Half bag of Hash browns (shown)
1lb Turkey sausage
Roughly 8-10 eggs.
Roughly 1c of diced bell peppers (any color works)
The challenge I always have is getting the hash browns crispy. This time I heated canola oil in the pan before I put the hash browns in. Then I put on some chiptole & jalapeno seasonings and packed them in the skillet to cook for a while on high (5-10 mins each side). They still didn't come out as crispy as I like but they worked. Then throw in the sausage until cooked. Crack open as many eggs as you want and stir the mixture a bit so that the eggs get scrambled. Once everything is cooked it should look something like this:

Ingredients + Heat = This
Put the skillet mixture on a tortilla if you like, or not. I usually put mine on a heated up tortilla and sprinkle some cheddar cheese. This time I replaced the cheese with greek yogurt and some homemade salsa. I like that combination because it gives it a zingy, creaminess and is much healthier than cheese.

The burrito filling lay on a tortilla with Greek yogurt and salsa

I've made these burritos for years and have never had a complaint.Try this recipe out or your own combination. What would you do different for your burrito?

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