Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mexican Lasagna

First up for "Lasagna Week" is Mexican Lasagna. This recipe was found on the back of a Kraft Shredded Cheese. In particularly, the kind that infuses Philly Cream Cheese into it. This cheese is amazing as it melts better than normal shredded cheese and tastes creamier. Despite the different taste and melting I am pretty sure there isn't any difference in nutritional value...so it is fair to assume the added ingredient is MAGIC!

This recipe is pretty awesome yet pretty simple. Only 6 ingredients and it is essentially like eating tacos, except there isn't as much room to Trojan horse veggies in there. This has a ton of protein in it, as well as calories....so this isn't necessarily on my healthy eats list but watch your portions and side some salad with it.

You can cut the Pinto Beans down to 3/4 can if you like
Here are the results (with a couple slices missing)
My only knock on this recipe is that the pinto beans feel pretty dense when you eat them. Perhaps adding less of them will alleviate that. You may try to cook the beans in the microwave before baking the dish to soften them up, but I am not sure if that will work. Regardless, this is some serious comfort food that I recommend you give a shot.

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