Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tacopocalypse - Breakfast Burrito, Habanero Orange push up

After a couple hours of racquetball with the guys, I worked up a pretty huge appetite. It was 2pm so I went with the "I Can’t Believe It’s Not Breakfast Burrito" which contains: Poblano Potatoes, Bacon Chorizo, Scrambled Egg, and Chihuahua cheese covered with our sausage gravy

Sooooooo good!

So I've had two burritos here and I really like them. I feel like they are pretty filling and more worth the price (but still 8 bucks). Not completely sure if it is better than a panchero's burrito but it is different and great flavor. My two favorite taco fillings are the poblano potato and the bacon chorizo and this has both in it so it's perfect for me. This filled me up despite the huge appetite I had, not sure the 2 tacos for $5 would have done that.

Spicy, tasty but small and expensive
 At first, I didn't think I was full so I decided to try for some ice cream. They had Orange Habanero push up pops...yeah how can you pass on that? They make the ice cream homemade and they create a plastic push up pop container. Great idea as it brings us all back to the days where we had these as a kid. The ice cream was very creamy and had a nice delayed spice to it...pretty impressive. But this little tiny thing was 2 bucks for basically about a scoop of ice cream. Still pretty awesome.

The verdict, I've found more tasty items here. I think they are slightly overpriced but they do a good job with the food.

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