Friday, April 19, 2013

Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is an English pub that serves a ridiculous assortment of European beers...and apparently some pretty good food. I've also enjoyed The Mile because of the laid back drinking environment and the amount of seating within the 2 story bar; the upstairs being a separate bar named The Red Monk.

Before this year, I don't know that I had eaten there. But in the '13, I've actually eaten there a couple time.

1st meal:
Rotti Chicken
spice marinated chicken, peanut chili cabbage and cucumber mint sauce wrapped in a warm naan pita

With a side of roasted vegetables
I am a huge fan of naan and this pita didn't disappoint. The bread was awesome as well as the items inside of it. You would normally eat this like a taco but I had to open it up so you could see the inside. The pita was awesome and a very unique flavor. Almost too sophisticated for my palette but I definitely enjoyed it.  The roasted veggies were pretty fresh but tasted pretty oily--still very good though. I probably won't get this again but that's in large part because of their huge menu.

2nd meal:
The Earl Of Sandwich (house Special)
a triple decker of turkey, ham, corned beef, bacon and swiss cheese served on thick-cut rye with sweet chili aioli, lettuce, grilled onion and tomato

I enlarged this picture as big as I could so you could see all the goodness inside. This is a probably in my top 5 sandwiches in Des Moines. Tons of phenomenal meat, gooey cheese and crisp but soft bread make this a very comforting sandwich to eat. Oh yeah, the sandwich is monstrous also. I finished it for some reason, but it is definitely enough to split into two meals as it comes with your choice of a side. I don't eat much corned beef, but I have to venture a guess that this corned beef might be tops in Des Moines (they feature it on a couple other sandwiches as well). Seriously, you HAVE to order this sandwich.

What is your favorite food at The Mile?


  1. They have very good fish and chips as well. The Mile and Court Ave Brewery are the best places for fried fish I've found.

  2. I've been meaning to try their fish and chips. I also need to eat the Guinness Stew.

  3. I've heard that and it's on my list of things to eat. Thanks Stephanie!