Friday, April 26, 2013

Tasty Freaking Tacos.

So just about everyone in Des Moines has had Tasty Tacos so this post won't be breaking any new information. I have never heard of anyone who didn't love their meal from there. There isn't much I can say about TT other than it has to be the best taco I've ever had (sorry grandma). The other menu items aren't bad but you really have to have their tacos before you can try to graduate to anything else. The chicken is seasoned just right and the steak is pretty juicy--those are my two recommendations.

2 chicken tacos made by Jesus...or Jesús

So I don't know what you want me to tell you about this place that you don't already know. If you are traveling through Des Moines....stop here--and eat as many tacos as you can. What is your preferred TT menu item?


  1. You should post a comparison between Tasty Tacos and Henry Js on SW 9th. I SWEAR they're better than TT. (And grandma. Sorry.)

  2. Great idea! Sad thing is I've lived by Henry J's for about 23 years of my life and I've still never had it. Looks like I've got an the name of research!