Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Homemade Salsa

If you like salsa, and you have some tomatoes lying around, you have to try this recipe. It tastes fresh and it has the absolutely perfect thickness (I hate watery salsa).

I found this salsa recipe last year online (allrecipes.com probably?). It is really easy to make and doesn't take too long.

The name says it all

See that line where it says "1 Jalapeno diced" yeah that is definitely just a guideline. I like my salsa with a little bit of spice so I generally put in a handful of peppers from my garden; generally 2-3 jalapenos and 3-4 serranos/chili pepper. Of course, peppers are personal preference. Also, when I make this I generally have a liter jar of tomatoes that my family cans and it is probably more than 6 tomatoes so feel free to add more if you like tomatoes.You could probably also use a large can of stewed tomatoes if you don't want to cut up fresh tomatoes.

This is what is looks like on a chip. NOT RUNNY!

This is how much it makes and how chunky it is. Note, it will thicken even more as it cools.

I like my salsa chunky and thick and this recipe makes it perfect for me. It tastes ridiculously fresh with the lime juice and the cilantro not to mention the fresh veggies that you cut up to put in there. Seriously, if you love salsa...you have to try to make this. It probably costs about $3.50 to make this huge batch of salsa (probably like 3-5 jars of salsa) and it tastes better (and less saltier).

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