Saturday, November 3, 2012

Try this for breakfast tomorrow...

Today's Breakfast idea is....

An omelet in a tortilla is less messy than scrambled eggs

A 2 egg omelet with Chipotle seasoning and dice green & red bell peppers, sliced ham, salsa (not shown) and plain greek yogurt on top of a tortilla.

This is a fairly standard breakfast for me but I always try a new ingredient here and there with it. This time, I nixed the sliced cheese and put down a layer of plain Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is very creamy and taste just slightly less sour than sour cream. It didn't make me miss the sliced cheese at all.

Side Note- Greek Yogurt and Salsa combined make a delicious topping for Mexican dishes.

Again, lots of protein.


  1. I'm thinking... Breakfast for dinner! This looks amazing!

  2. Thanks! I also like to use Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Sauce so that might be another idea instead of really "dinners" it up a bit.