Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Rooftop - BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza

The Rooftop is a patio bar that opened up a year or so ago on top of House of Bricks. I've been there a couple times for drinks and it is an amazing setting for a drink. Some friends and I were checking out the EV and needed a snack. Little did I know, they serve food there so we stopped in.

We knew we were going to have an early dinner so 4 people split two of their flat bread pizzas. I chose the BBQ Chicken Flat bread...

It was really good. Of course, a flat bread pizza isn't going to be the same doughy/filling pizza we've grown up with so you cannot compare them to normal pizzas. I haven't ordered a lot of flat bread pizzas but this one was definitely tasty. Perfect crispiness and the toppings were amazing--especially the chicken. Very light and perfect for what we were looking for.

The big knock on our trip was the service was really slow (and there wasn't very many people at the restaurant) and the food took a while to get to us. I've never served food at a restaurant so I try not to be too hard on servers as I am sure it can be a tough job. The fact of the matter is, we conversed more about how bad the service was than the awesomeness of the food. Hopefully, it was just a fluke instance because this is a really cool place that I want to continue to support.

I didn't find a website for them but they have a Facebook page and an entry on this site...

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