Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Zombie Burger - Envy Corpse

One, Spring evening this year, it didn't rain (can you believe that?) and I took Dr. Joe Brady out to Zombie Burger for his first experience. Of course, there was a wait but it wasn't too bad. As you know, I've felt ZB has been a little overrated but it is an experience everyone should check out once. Finally, I found a really good burger...

Envy Corpse | 8.29 | 10.29 | 12.29
pepper jack cheese, pulled pork, ham, salsa, fried jalapenos, red onion, chipotle mayo

I say I found a really good burger, but really I found a sandwich that had really awesome meat on it. The combination of toppings are right up my alley but the pulled pork and ham that were on this burger were really amazing. So amazing that they would warrant their own sandwich without a burger. In all honestly, the burger got pretty drowned by the other flavors. This burger is a little pricier also which is another downside. Still it did taste good. I would recommend anyone to try this burger just to try the amazingly flavored meats. This is probably the best burger I've had here.

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