Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hessen Haus - Hunter's Pizza

Many people don't think of the Hessen Haus for more than boots and beers but they have a decent menu. Even more strange is that they make pizza and it is amazing. This was the first time I tried their pizza and I went with..

Hunter’s Pizza
golden crust topped with a unique combination
of duck, wild boar sausage, roma tomatoes,onions and
mushrooms, arranged on a base of spicy alfredo sauce,
topped with muenster and asiago cheeses 12.99

Lots of unique ingredients but they go so well together. I don't have the most sophisticated palette so it is hard to identify the duck vs boar but I felt like you mostly taste the boar of the two; which is great because it tasted awesome. The pizza had great texture and the right thickness of crust. The tomatoes added the right amount of acidity with all the creamy flavors. I would definitely order this again. What do you order when you eat at The Haus?

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