Sunday, February 16, 2014

Americana - Bacon Wrapped Meat Loaf

For a late dinner after a happy hour, a group of us went to Americana. My decision was between the Americana Burger and the Bacon Wrapped Meat loaf. As a meatloaf enthusiast, I had to go with the latter.

As usual, I took about 3 bites before I remembered I have a food blog...

If you haven't been to Americana, it's only been around a few years but is known for it's awesome weekend brunch special (which I highly recommend). They have an awesome 2 story set up and a modern, semi upscale atmosphere. You know me, I'm a no frills dude but it's always nice to stop in here to class up my life.

So the presentation on the meatloaf was nice, but I really don't care much about presentation. The taste was decent, the "ketchup sauce" they used was a sweeter version (I prefer saltier). The green beans are really thin and a more rubbery version than most of us are used to (rubbery probably means fresh though, right?). The cheddar potatoes were decent, pretty creamy but not overly flavorful. Since this place is upscale-ish, it was $17 which seems high to me but again...I'm cheap and no frills.

Many people at my table got either this or the Americana Burger...I wish I would have chosen the burger as it looked really good. Overall, I still like Americana but since I don't have as sophisticated a palette as others, I would probably only stop by on rare occasions and get the simpler dishes. Overall, Americana is a cool bar that serves some pretty good drinks. Anyone have any favorites here?

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