Monday, February 3, 2014

Hessen Haus - Bavarian Stroganoff

Hessen Haus is one of my all-time favorite bars since I turned 21 and was a Drake student. Strong beers and a fun atmosphere. Still to this day, I come here on my birthday to drink a boot with friends. When most people think of the Haus, they usually only think of the beer. The food here is as good as quality as any other Court Ave restaurant.

The menu has a wide array of foods: authentic German food, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas. I really liked their Hunter's pizza (see previous review) and actually convinced my dad to get it. On this trip, I HAD to get something even more German. I always liked beef stroganoff (even if it was Hamburger Helper) so I went with the Bavarian Stroganoff.

Bavarian Stroganoff
German Spaetzle presented in a rich sour
cream sauce with mushrooms, onions and your
choice of lightly seasoned beef or pork 11.99
This was really good. The spaetzle has an awesome soft texture (think Gnocchi). That texture mixed with the thick and creamy sauce makes you so comfortable, you'll want to take a nap at your table. I went with chicken (as opposed to beef or pork) and it was incredibly tender.
If you like Gnocchi, I recommend having a dish with their spaetzle, it's awesome. The only reason I may never order this specific dish is because there are so many other dishes here I want to try. This is comfort food in uber form. What do you like here?

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