Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Salsa Chicken (Crockpot recipe)

I have yet another crock pot recipe. I got some inspiration from my friend Kristi, who made a taco/shredded/crock pot chicken recipe. I tried to find a similar recipe to what she did to make sure I had all the measurements correct. I found this recipe, which combines things that I pretty much always have on hand. Plus, it's a great protein boost with the chicken and Greek Yogurt (which I used in place of sour cream). Oh, and it is really simple, versatile and cheap.


In the crockpot, I pulled a lot of the salsa/juice out.

On a bed of spinach (and I snuck some tortilla chips in there also)

I was starting to get sick of shredded buffalo chicken (didn't think that was possible) so I thought I would try this because I love taco seasoning and chicken. I am also sick of cutting raw chicken and cooking it in a skillet and I get to avoid both of those things with this recipe. This turned out pretty good! This wasn't perfectly creamy because I used so much salsa but had a nice zing to it and wasn't overly runny.

I used Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and I ended up using a whole jar of salsa (16oz). If you use a whole jar of salsa, you could probably use an entire bag (2.5-3lbs of chicken thawed). If you use half that amount of chicken as the recipe suggests, then you are probably OK with a half jar of salsa.

This would work OK with tacos (although the chicken might be too wet), great for nachos and salads. I definitely recommend you try this if you like chicken tacos and America!

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