Friday, July 13, 2012

Breakfast Egg Sammich

 Good morning! I love breakfast so you will likely see many of my breakfast concoctions on this blog. Most days, after doing my INSANITY workout, I make a simple fried egg sandwich. It is simple, delicious and packed with protein for recovery.

COOKING STAGE 1: I am sure most of you know how to fry up an egg but I will step you through it anyways. I PAM up a small skillet. Once the skillet is heated, crack an egg into the pan and then let the creativity can begin. The below seasonings are my usual for an egg sandwich (and most other recipes as well). Feel free to add whatever you like while it is cooking. Experiment with different combinations. If you don't like it,throw it out and try it is only one egg.

Sometimes I sub Garlic Powder for the Black pepper. I am Italian after all.

COOKING STAGE 2: I didn't take a picture of the cooking process but just let the egg cook in the pan for a couple minutes on medium heat (season it while it is cooking before you flip it). After the flip, I usually add sliced cheese (American or Pepper Jack). If you want some meat on your sandwich (like I do), I like to throw it on the side of the pan to sear it a little. Generally, I use sliced turkey or ham lunch meats. They will cook quickly so only leave one side cooking for about a minute then flip. After a couple minutes, your egg should be ready.

BREADING STAGE: NOW, it is time to plate your egg onto some bread. Which bread are you going to use? Generally I prefer lower calorie so I use Sara Lee Delightful bread which is 45 calorie/slice. However, I happened to have some South Union Bakery Tomato Focaccia sitting around so I went with that...maybe one of the better decisions I've ever made! As another late addition to the party, I had some leftover pizza sauce so I put it on the already delicious focaccia.

Opened faced!
Closed face?
Eaten face!

 This sandwich was pretty rich with the focaccia but it was tasty. With the tomato in the focaccia and the pizza sauce, it had a wonderful salty and sweetness factor to it. The egg, cheese and bread combined to be creamy and was like eating a pillow of greatness. 

Other variations I do are I use Frank's Buffalo Sauce or Salsa instead of pizza sauce or 100 Calorie Bagel Thins for the bun. The combinations are endless. Let me know what you've tried and I will probably try it myself.

It isn't brain surgery, break an egg into a pan, season it, put other stuff you like on it and eat it. Most of us can handle that. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day as it gives you the energy to take on the day. It takes 5-10 mins to make so skip the snooze alarm and get cookin'.

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