Monday, July 30, 2012

Zombie need brains....and burgers

Probably the  most popular eatery in Des Moines these days is Zombie Burger. It is fairly new, has an awesome theme to it, and I am told the kids these days call it "hip?" (not sure if that is the right word). They opened up roughly around 1 year ago and the buzz for it is still going around. As a matter of fact, when Lydia and I went to see Jim Gaffigan earlier this year, he couldn't stop talking about it.

They are a burger, hot dog and fry type of place with bar setting around it. They have a modern but comic book store type of feel in it which is pretty cool. They also feature a dinner side and a pick up style in case you prefer not to be waited on. To check out more about the restaurant and the creative menu items, go to

So my order was The Raygun (named for the also "hip" t-shirt store just down the street) which has bacon, avocado, jalapenos, grilled onions, chipotle mayo and Monterrey jack cheese. It was delicious and I recommend it. 

Before you look at the picture below, 1 thing I should preface about Zombie is the burgers aren't made to look like masterpieces. Plus, I took a couple bites out of the burger before I remembered to take a it may not look really appetizing.

Yeah, this may resemble brains more than a burger, but it was still good.

For my review of Zombie, I have been there 3 times, got a burger twice. The burgers I have had are creative sounding and turn out to taste good but a part of me is disappointed usually. They don't feel like restaurant burger to me even though you pay close to the restaurant price. Now, if your expectations are that it is more of a fast food type of burger then a restaurant quality burger, then your expectations will be met. They are probably shooting for more of a middle ground between fast food & restaurant, if so, they did a great job.

The fries are really good so if you have 1 or 2 other people with you, get a fry basket and try out their amazing dipping sauce (I believe it is the chipotle mayo). We've split the Zombie Bride Wedding Cake shake before and it may have been the best shake I have ever tasted. It tasted just like a creamy vanilla cake with chunks of cake in it.

Overall, Zombie is an awesome place that you must check out at least once. Since it is fast food style burgers, they will be greasy and not make you feel the best afterward if you aren't used to eating fast food. Still, they have vegetarian options (which I've heard good and bad reviews on) if you are a little more health conscience. It is also fun to support a local restaurant who has decided to go completely out of the grave....err box with their theme. I still plan to go there...on a cheat day of course. What is your favorite thing to get there?

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