Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chicken Nachos, the home version

Possibly my favorite mexican dish ever is Chicken Nachos from El Aguila Real. They are creamy, packed with chicken, and not good for you at all. For some reason, I have never tried to recreate that recipe. That opportunity presented itself when I stopped over to John's place last weekend.

John invited me over for said nachos and I got there just in time to help cook. John used a mesquite seasoning for the chicken which smelled good and tasted great. It had a good added taste to the chicken but was light and simple. Generally, when I use seasoning for mexican dishes, I use the Ortega taco seasoning packets. They are good but they dominate the flavor and the smell in your kitchen.

Everything after the chicken was free-styling (as well it should be). We used shredded cheese, sauteed onions/red pepper/tomato, Greek yogurt (tastes just like sour cream), refried beans, salsa and jalapenos all on tortilla chips of course. The beauty of nachos is there is no script, just put on whatever you feel like. John apparently was really hungry as he went for the double-triple layer nachos. I don't like to be outdone so I tried to build a nacho fortress comparable to his but I couldn't match him. I don't know about him but I ended up with a huge stomach ache that night, but it was worth it.

John has a future in hand modeling
John's plate = Mount Killa-man-nacho

Victory bite

My dish ended up being wayyy too many calories. You have to be careful with nachos, if you eat with your eyes you may regret it later. However, the chicken, refried beans and greek yogurt provided great sources of protein. As long as you build your nachos with caution, you can make them a much healthier dinner than the restaurant version.

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  1. That's a good recipe and all but try to get John to share is recipe for Chicken AND Steak Nachos.

    P.S. my chicken nacho recipe is better.