Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Francies ...a southside bar and grill.

After Zoo Brew, me and some friends wanted to go out to eat. We decided on Francies which is a bar and grill on the southwest side of Des Moines. The restaurant is in a smaller building located on Fleur drive. While the bar wasn't big, I was impressed at the quality of the decor inside. It looked like it was kept pretty clean and it featured several TVs tuned to sports. To find out more, check out:
Francies on Google +

The menu had a decent amount of options but mostly the typical bar and grill options. There were quite a few "Philly" style sandwiches which featured grilled onions and peppers which I love.  I went with the chicken Philly as you can see below. It was pretty tasty and had tons of cheese on it. For some reason, I went with their potato soup as my side which was good. The fries they also serve are crinkle cut style fries which tasted solid. Overall the sandwich was good and everyone else at the table enjoyed their dish.

My arteries and your cheese will get along nicely...or horribly.

It was difficult telling myself not to eat the whole thing...

Unfortunately, I went here a while ago and cannot remember all the details that I wanted to blog about. Everyone that has mentioned this place to me has raved about it. I will definitely have to go back there to provide all of you a more detailed blog posting. Or, if you are in the area, try it for yourself.

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