Sunday, September 2, 2012

Red China Bistro

Groupon forced us to go to Red China Bistro by offering to save us money to eat there. We had a $20 for $40 groupon so we had a feast for two. Now this is a semi swanky place so it isn't difficult to spend that much...especially if wine is involved. Check out their website to see their menu and prices Red China Bistro's Menu.

So we were both famished after a hard day's work so we had a bigger appetite than we should have had coming into here. Since we had the Groupon, we splurged with 2 appetizers, a glass of wine, and split an entree.

The appetizers we got were the Crab Rangoons and Beef lettuce wraps. There were several choices we were considering but we wanted to try something new and something reliable. I would say the Rangoons were better than the typical rangoons but not much different.

Different shape, still tasty

The beef lettuce wraps were actually really good. I have never heard of of such a thing but I am glad we ordered it. The meat tasted good with its light mexicany (my recollection is fuzzy though) taste but it wasn't overpowering. The lettuce was very fresh and the dipping sauce was good (some form of Soy sauce?). This is a VERY messy dish as you can imagine so if you care about what you look like when eating....don't opt for this. Fortunately, my love for food completely dominates my ability to feel shame in public so I was able to enjoy this dish to its fullest.

Beef from below

Beef from above

As I mentioned, we split an entree, Chicken Lo Mein. I guess I was so hungry still that I forgot to take a picture of it. I had never ordered Chicken Lo Mein before at any restaurant but it was amazing here. I would imagine it tasted similar to what you would order elsewhere but not quite as salty but still very good. Just trying to recall it makes me want to order it again.

Overall, the service was great (although there were only 3 other tables there) and the ambiance is pretty classy. If you have a date you want to impress, this beats out the Olive Garden date. The waitress/chef was nice enough to split the meal onto two plates for us. Funny thing is that our bill was 39.98 which was perfect for our $40 groupon, I was just lucky that I had enough cash on me to tip the waitress.

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