Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The OP

The Other Place (AKA The OP) is a restaurant/sports bar that I hear is pretty popular in the UNI territory of Cedar Falls. They just opened up a location in Clive and the place has been hoppin' since it opened up shop. As I mentioned, it is part sports bar and it just happens to be really loud in there....maybe because it was so busy. Just don't plan on having a serious conversation there. Then again, it is a sports bar so you probably aren't trying to do that anyways.

The menu is pretty basic sports bar stuff, pizza, sandwiches, wraps, fries and other beer soaking foods. I heard the pizza was good and it looked amazing...so naturally...I got the....wrap. The Cajun Chicken Pepper Jack Wrap. It was pretty good, the chicken was pretty spiced up with the Cajun seasoning so it had some flavor to it. Other than that, it tasted pretty much exactly like you would expect a wrap to taste. The fries were fine but nothing special. I regret not getting the pizza which would have been a more unique thing to get. Check out the rest of the menu at: http://theotherplace.com/clive-menu/

It seems like a decent place to watch the game as they had quite a few TVs. Otherwise, it was loud and didn't seem like anything special but I was just there for lunch with co-workers and not there to kick back with a beer with friends. If I do go back, I will definitely try the pizza. Anyone go there? What do you recommend?

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