Monday, September 10, 2012

Exile Brewing Company

Today I will be reviewing a brand new, locally owned, restaurant/brewery. Check them out at The main reason why we went to Exile was because we are planning the 2002 Lincoln High School 10 year class reunion there and we wanted to test the place out first. After our visit, it was a definite yes to go there.

Exile is located in the western edge of downtown, not too far from the sculpture park. It has an awesome patio, a bar area, a beer hall and the restaurant. It was big and everything inside looked pretty new and clean (you definitely should check out the bathrooms). It was a Saturday evening and the restaurant was near full capacity. The clientele was a little older (probably 35+) and most people were nicely dressed, except for me of course, but you didn't get the feeling that you HAD to dress up to be there.

The menu wasn't huge yet but it had plenty of items that looked good. They had quite a few sandwiches and burgers to choose from. Sure enough, there was a Juicy Lucy on the menu so you know I had to try it. We all also got a 20oz Hannah (beer they brew there) which was really good. It had a sweet wheat taste but not overbearing....just the right amount of smoothness for me.

Unfortunately, their version of a Juicy Lucy was a regular cheese burger, whereas the Juicy Lucy I am accustomed to is stuffed with cheese. Still, the burger was large and tasted good. The pretzel bread bun was unique, soft and delicious. The veggies looked fresh and the herbed fries were maybe the best part of my meal.

I can see at least 2 other burgers I want to try there...
Hi Hannah...

Note the pretzel bread bun and seasoned fries

Overall, I really liked Exile. The ambiance was awesome, the food was good and the beer was great. It is only a matter of time before this place is packed Thursday-Saturday night. This place would definitely be great for a special occasion but also if you just want to have a couple drinks with friends. I am excited to go back!

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