Monday, August 20, 2012

Zombie Burger Part 2

I had some friends from out of town visiting so I felt it was necessary to show them Zombie Burger. This time, I got the Flamethower sandwich and switched it up by getting the chicken instead of the burger. Not sure what possessed me to get a spicy sandwich when I was already sweating from the sun beating down on me but I am glad I made the decision that I did.

The flamethrower (see next picture) has Buffalo sauce (Frank's red hot I am guessing), Bleu Cheese, ranch dressing and an Onion ring. From what I recall, all I tasted was the Buffalo sauce. I barely remember tasting any bleu cheese and ranch which was somewhat disappointing. Having said that, the chicken and the buffalo sauce together was pretty good and juicy. The buffalo sauce just kind of dominated the sandwich.

I fell into a burning ring of a fire....

Lydia and I also split the fry basket which was delicious. The other people we were with got the Cheese fries and the chili cheese fries. The cheese fries were the same fry basket but with a cup of cheese. The cheese tasted like a gravy...but with a slight cheese taste to it; it wasn't bad (except for the arteries). I also tried the chili cheese fries and those tasted pretty good. The chili and cheese smothered the fries and provided a good balance of taste between the two additions. It had so much flavor that I don't know if I could handle eating too many of those fries with a burger but to each their own.

So salty, so greasy, so good
Lydia got the "They're Coming to get you Barbara" burger. This is a burger with American cheese, grilled onions and zombie sauce. Oh, by the way, those items are in between two grilled cheese sandwich buns. I only took one bite of the burger but it was good and unlike any other burger I have had before. The bun was like biting into a soft cheesy pillow.  I plan on getting this combination next time.
Pretty ridiculous...
So another trip to zombie burger, another new experiment for me. I really liked the chicken and will try to stick with that as my choice when I go back there. It tastes better and helps do some damage control on the calorie count. With my sandwich, it was good but it seems like most of the burgers sound better advertised than the way they actually come. I will still keep going to see if I find a sandwich that is a must have.

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