Monday, October 15, 2012

Broccoli Chicken and Rice

Today's recipe is a classic recipe that I jacked from Nothing spectacular, just cooked chicken in a creamy rice and a rare special guest appearance by broccoli.

This recipe was pretty simple, cook your chicken (I cut the chicken up into small pieces), add cream of chicken soup and then some rice and broccoli florets. Along with being simple, it is pretty quick as well with an ETA of 15-20 minutes. Check out the recipe below

Here are my results:

Sticky, yet creamy rice.

So my cooking creativity has been lacking I admit. It is still nice to find a recipe like this that you could whip up pretty quickly and is relatively healthy. As some of the reviews on this recipe suggest, it can be somewhat bland. One suggestion that was made that I wish I would have tried was to use chicken broth instead of water. You could probably throw some salt and garlic into this as well. I went to my trusted garnish of choice....shredded pepper jack and that enhanced the dish quite a bit. I was able to squeeze out 4 servings on this so I think I got it to between 400-500 calories per serving (before the pepper jack) with a great source of protein.

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