Friday, October 12, 2012

Lincoln High Class of '02 Reunion @ Exile Brewing Co

If you've followed the blog, you known that I've already reviewed Exile. The reason for going there before was to scout it out for this 10 year reunion. This mission is finally complete.

Last weekend, Exile hosted our 10 year reunion in their Beer Hall area (bar side of the restaurant). When I say hosted, I mean they allowed us to drop in with 60+ South siders (dangerous!) or an overall 100+ guests. There was a miscommunication between the Exile organizer and myself on whether it was going to be reserved or not. It was not reserved as they normally charge $1,000 an hour on the weekend...we opted for the free-est option. The reserved price seems somewhat steep to me, even compared to other downtown sites but the facilities are maybe one of the best for a party downtown. It was a nice scene for a private party as you aren't right on Court Avenue co-mingling with other shenanigans.

Overall the experience was great. The service at the bar and from the waiting staff was quick and friendly, at least in my experience. I believe they only served appetizers the whole evening on the Beer Hall side though. I estimated at one point we had roughly 100 people in the beer hall area and there was still enough room to move around...this is without the outdoor patio being opened up. So the space was not an issue at all. If money isn't an issue for a reserved party, or you and 100 of your closest friends want to go out somewhere, Exile is a good choice because of its space accommodations, service and stunning decor...just as long as you are ok with appetizers for the food choice.

The above expressed opinions are just mine, not of the others at the party. Class of '02, for those of you at the party, PLEASE SHARE your thoughts on the food, service, set-up ambiance or whatever else you want to share about the party and the restaurant. Also, please share any pictures you have the event (as long as they aren't too incriminating haha).

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