Monday, October 22, 2012

Johnny's Hall of Fame

Went to lunch with the new co-workers at Johnny's Hall of Fame downtown on Court Ave. If you haven't been to Johnny's in the last couple years, you would not know that they did a phenomenal job in remodeling their place. It's still a sports bar but it is incredibly spacious and has a ton of TVs to watch the games on. I haven't been there to watch a specific game but I would think they would be awesome for it....assuming they would give you game audio.

My one knock on this place is that around 9-10pm on the weekends, it turns from a sports bar into a loud meat market for the 20 somethings. However, I am getting old and they are probably just making a smart business decision because they are usually packed on the I will just have to accept that.

I've had Johnny's for lunch a couple times before. Once, I had their pizza buffet which was....ehhh ok. This time, I opted for the Rarebit burger, which I haven't had for a long time. A rarebit is a burger smothered in cheese sauce...usually without the top bun as well.

If you bathed me in cheese, I would probably be delicious.
So the verdict wasn't bad...not spectacular. The cheese sauce was a nacho cheese variety with a tiny amount of spice which was a great choice. Otherwise, you are eating a straight up burger. It was definitely filling and the bun was nice and soft....the burger itself just tasted like a thick ground beef could have had more flavor. The fries were seasoned and amazing. I am pretty sure they were the Ore Ida seasoned fries out of the bag...which doesn't sound like a complement but those are amazing fries.

So my thoughts are that Johnny's isn't going to knock your socks off for lunch. It is your typical bar food. I was actually hoping to eat a lighter/healthier lunch but they only had a couple salad options. Someone at my table did order the club sandwich and it was monstrous and looked I do recommend that if you get the chance to take a nap in the afternoon. Their made to order pizza though is pretty good (don't think it is available for lunch) so you might try the club sandwich if you are there for lunch and order a pizza for dinner. You can check out the rest of the menu at:

What are your thoughts on Johnny's?


  1. Their homemade kettle chips are a good bar snack, but the rest of the food is pretty terrible.

  2. I didn't know they had those, I will check them out. I feel all the other food I've had is pretty average but their pizza is actually pretty good in my opinion. Great crust and good combinations. Have you had the pizza?